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Music Teacher

Stacey communicates her wonderful energy accross the classrooms and the children love her. 


An American in Paris since 2014, Stacey has been passionate about music her whole life. She was raised in California by parents who loved music. She studied piano and string bass, sang in choirs and a cappella groups, and played in orchestras and musical theaters. She worked as a vocalist in Japan.


In 2017, Stacey founded Bébé Music Box to bring Music Together's award-winning music and movement classes to families in Paris. 


At Eclosia, children and adults are enchanted by Stacey's music classes. Songs, melodies, rhythms and danse are part of the ingredients that help children learn and thrive in a rich musical environment. That moment of joy builds strong foundations for the children to love and practice music throughout their lives. 

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