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Our School: program and practical information



Our three educators, one English-speaking and two French-speaking, speak to the children in their mother tongue. The children speak, learn and play every day in both languages. They gain confidence and strengthen their vocabulary. 

Eclosia is a fully bilingual school: all our teachers are Montessori-trained and as such, they teach and present activities to the children equally in both languages. 

As French teachers present letters in cursive writing, the English teacher presents them in script writing, thus reinforcing their ability to read.



The mix of ages in our classes awakens the youngest and empowers the eldest.

Children choose their activities from among those selected and presented by the teacher, thus developing autonomy, concentration and involvement in learning.

At Eclosia, Montessori pedagogy is at the heart of the educational project. We also remain open to other currents so that children can choose the school that suits them best for their entry into CP.



We use rhythm, melody, and songs to encourage children's brain development and to nurture their emotional intelligence.

Music is incorporated in our daily school routine through singing and musical awakening. After being welcomed individually in their class by their teachers, the children sing and dance together and will find melodies throughout the day during moments of transition.

Our music teacher gives lessons every week in a joyful and participative atmosphere!

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We integrate yoga and meditation into our daily routine, adapted to the child's age. This encourages them to become aware of their body and to concentrate and control their emotions.

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