Educational team


Our Anglophone Teacher

Elena grew up in Buffalo NY. After completing her English and African American Studies at the University of Buffalo, she moved to Paris in 2019. She trained to Teach English as a Foreign Language and obtained her TEFL certification in 2021.

Elena has been working at a bilingual school for the past two years. After being part of the administrative team of the school for a couple of months, it soon became obvious that being in the classroom with the children was where she belonged. Elena became head of an afterschool program, and a teaching assistant. She was mentored and trained to be a teacher. Over the summer Elena will start her Montessori training at NAMC, a well-known training centre for English-speaking Montessori teachers.

Elena is loved by the children for her caring and enthusiastic teaching style. Wherever she goes, she shares her energy and kindness and helps children find their own way through learning.

Her global approach of early childhood and parent counselling lead Elena to train as a Doula (a coach providing emotional, informational and physical support to mothers and couples during the prenatal, birth, and after birth period.)

When she doesn’t teach as a preschool teacher, Elena practices yoga and is a certified Yoga teacher too, enrolled through the Yoga alliance. She will instill yoga at Eclosia on a daily basis, through breathing exercises and age-appropriate yoga classes.

Elena, our Anglophone Teacher