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Lunch at school

The restaurant "750g la Table" prepares fresh and 100% "homemade" meals for us everyday. Our daily lunches are composed of fresh and seasonal products from local French producers.  Chef Damien teaches our students about the importance of understanding where your food comes from by regularly opening the doors of his restaurant to us for on-site lunches and to help him plant flowers in his "garden". 


The meals are prepared just in time for lunch and delivered warm in the restaurant's serving dishes, far from microwaves and other plastic trays. The menus consist of a starter, a main course and a dessert. Each week, the restaurant offers us a variety of dishes consisting of fish, meat, poultry, and vegetarian foods (our parents have access to the weekly menus).


The meal is a moment of sharing and discovery, which is part of the Montessori pedagogy. Children are invited to set the table, serve themselves, and clear the table independently. They are supervised by the teaching team in this moment of conviviality and mutual aid.

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