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Our Mission


As a uniquely French-American Montessori preschool based in Paris 15, Eclosia’s mission is to ignite each child’s innate spark and help them grow with confidence. Thanks to the exceptionally high number of adults per student, we are able to offer each child the attention, tools, and support they need to discover the joy of learning and unlock their potential.

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About us

A story inspired by two little fairies

After several years dedicated to my career in an internatonal bank, two little fairies invited themselves into my life. 

Stéphanie, fondatrice Eclosia School et éducatrice Montessori AMI

They soon became my source of inspiration. I was amazed by their energy, their curiosity and their courage. Day after day these qualities would make them grow, and I kept questionning myself : am I a good parent? how can I get better? where can I find new tools to nurture them? 

My passion for early childhood education started when my first daughter reached the age of 2 years old. I developed a profound interest in all areas related to the Preschool and Kindergarten learnings, which are key for the rest of the years that children spend at school. I discovered the new (and active!) pedagogies and I met with several professionals who shared the same passion. That is when I obtained the AMI Montessori training to teach children from 2 to 6 years old. 

My experience as a teacher reinforced my impression that each child is unique and already has everything they need in order to learn and bloom. The only condition for them to grow is the right environment. With that conviction, Eclosia was born! A unique school for children to evolve in a cosy bilingual environment. 

Stéphanie, fondatrice Eclosia School et éducatrice Montessori AMI


Founder of Eclosia and certified AMI Montessori teacher

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